Traditional building materials for windows and doors such as wood, requires constant painting and surface treatment. Wood will change shape over the years and requires re-adjustment of the window. Aluminium will oxidize over the years, at seaside areas usually within a year. Other than cleaning and lubricating hardware (handles, hinges any moving parts) 2 times per year, our uPVC profiles do not require any maintenance over the full service life, you will never need to sand and paint your windows again.

For anyone who is tired of maintaining weather worn and old timber, PVC is a perfect solution. Our extensive and stylish collection of PVC windows was designed to accommodate any style of architecture and could also be customized to reflect your individual style and preferences.

  • 100% maintenance free - do not rot, fade or rust
  • Certificated and Tested 
  • Improved security and safety of your house
  • Very reliable and long lasting
  • Wide range of colours and models

The only maintenance our PVC windows may require is to lubricate the lock once in a while

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