Another very important aspect to consider due to Australia’s bushfire prone environment. All of our profiles have been tested and proven to be 100% self extinguishing, meaning that if excessive heat is applied to the window frame the PVC will not fuel the fire like wood does.

Art Windows can supply windows which have been tested to withstand up to BAL-40 (Bushfire attack level 40), this is achieved without any changes to the exterior/interior look of your windows/doors.

How this is achieved:

  • Art windows uses a 5 chamber 70mm profile. Before welding we insert a range of intumescant fire retardant strips into the outer chambers which effectively creates a fire retardant exterior face.
  • We then install PYROTECH double glass units which have been specially tempered to withstand temperatures which a bushfire can produce.
  • We use fire proof silicone which holds the PYROTECH double glazed units inside the frame.
  • The application of these three elements creates a fire retardant face which can withstand bushfire attack level 40, and because all of these applications are applied internally ie. inside the chambers of the window frame, when looking from the outside, nobody will be able to tell that your windows are BAL-40, there is no need for bulky and expensive fire-shutters.
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