French doors are the most popular choice for lighting up your interiors and giving an easy, attractive access to your decking, garden or terrace.

Brighten up your home, improve your view and make your garden a natural extension to your living area with a French Door. The opening allows unrestricted access and maximum ventilation. You can also combine it with the tilt function from the Tilt & Slide Doors for additional ventilation options.

Elegant uPVC French Doors

Security and Choices

Traditionally, French Doors have been installed with low security systems making them increasingly vulnerable and easy for burglary. At Art Windows, our French Doors are installed with a multi-point locking system. They lock at four different points, making them as secure as residential doors.

Naturally, you still have the same extensive choice of styles, colours and finishes as you have with any of our products, giving you the full range of looks, excellent durability, weather resistance and low maintenance of modern, top quality uPVC.

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