Easier access, stylish choice

If you enjoy spending time in your garden or on your balcony, Art Windows Sliding Doors glide open and close easily to make accessing your outside space as effortless as possible. They come in practical and attractive uPVC frames.

uPCV Sliding Patio Door

Maintenance-free pvc sliding doors

It can be frustrating when a lovely view is impeded by bulky door frames or blocked by external walls. A Sliding Door can open up your view so it can be enjoyed and admired all year round.

Sliding patio doors create a feeling of space and extra natural light without taking up more internal room. They are expertly designed to slide parallel to the wall so they don’t interfere with your room design or walking areas. Rollers are discreetly positioned so they don’t interfere with the aesthetics of doors.

Art Windows Sliding Doors can be made-to-measure in the highest quality uPVC. You can choose from single sash or double sash openings and a wide range of colours, to help make sure they suit your home perfectly.

Our uPVC sliding doors are easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free too.

Double-glazed energy saving safety glass sliding doorSliding Doors are designed to enhance any room, balcony, terrace or conservatory. Whether modern or traditional, in the country or the city, sliding patio doors suit every property. The elegant styling allows you to enjoy your outside environment all year round from the comfort of your home.

Sliding Patio Door Security

Our external sliding doors are supplied with toughened double glazed energy saving safety glass. These doors are secured with a robust multi-locking system, with locks at four points. Overall, the doors offer peace of mind and complete security.

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