uPVC Windows are the latest and the very best in window technology. They include all the benefits of PVC windows, and take them to the next level. With uPVC windows, you get superior thermal insulation, sound reduction, security and safety, weather resistance and practically no maintenance. All with a great look and feel and exciting design options. From the elegant Bay Windows to the contemporary Tilt-and-Turn Windows, you'll find a range of window designs and arrangements to suit your every need.


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What is uPVC?

If you’re building a new home or looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, you may have heard of something called uPVC double-glazed windows. If you’re talking to someone who loves the technical details of how these special windows work, they may drown you out with details about the “u-value” (which just means means slowing heat loss, so the lower the U-value the better) and the “SHGC”, totally confusing you. Get a quick rundown in layman speak of just what uPVC double-glazed windows are, how they work and how they can help cool your home down in summer and keep all the heat in winter.

What are uPVC Double-Glazed Windows?


Benefits of uPVC Windows:

100% Maintenance FreeSound ReductionWeather ResistanceSecurity & SafetyEnergy SavingCorrosion & Water ResistanceFire ProofingEnvironmentally FriendlyMore benefits...

This should help you understand just what uPVC double-glazed windows are. If you are thinking building a new property or having these installed in your current home, just contact Art Windows, the specialists in uPVC double-glazed windows in Melbourne, Victoria.

Art Windows is a well established uPVC window manufacturer with many years of experience. At Art Windows we employ a team of professionals which produce the best quality PVC windows and provide the best on-going client service available.

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Window types – there is something for every taste

Fixed glazing

The glazing is inserted directly into the frame –– there is no sash that could be opened.


The sash is to be opened outwards.

Folding window

The sashes can be folded, each running along a runner rail.

Sliding window

The sash can be slid to the side to open the window.

Tilt function

The window can be tilted to ventilate your room but protect.

Turn function

The window can be opened to the inside.

Lift & slide

The sash is lifted by moving and ensures a much better sealing than a sliding window.

Many combinations available


Our range of uPVC Windows

uPVC Bay Windows

Light and Atmosphere for your Home

Bay Windows are an attractive and elegant feature in a house. They create a sense of space and light inside.  uPVC in the windows provides the benefit of noise reduction, reduces the need for maintenance, and enhances the safety and security. Further, at Art Windows our uPVC Bay Windows are highly energy efficient, achieving some of the highest possible window energy ratings.

uPVC Sliding windowPeriod Style at its Very Best

Superbly engineered and of exceptional quality, uPVC Sliding Windows manufactured by Art Windows add real value and style to your home without sacrificing performance. You will experience the benefits of sound insulation, reduced maintenance, enhanced safety and security, and energy efficiency – our windows achieve some of the highest possible window energy rating.

Garden windows can be made with any type of combination of opening, whether it be awning or tilt & turn.

uPVC Tilt and Turn window

Contemporary, Versatile Style

Tilt and Turn uPVC windows offer a simple, stylish and contemporary solution to suit modern homes, along with the benefits of noise reduction, low maintenance, improved security and energy efficiency. Our Tilt and turn window systems can achieve a Uw value of 2.2 with standard double glass, this can be improved even more by using high performance glass. For example, by using low e glass you can reach Uw of 1.9 easily. All Art Windows products are available in a range of finishes and colours.

Awning Window

These windows have winders. Due to the fact that they open out, they are also convenient for confined spaces.

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