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    Melbourne-based manufacturer of PVC windows and doors using the new uPVC material for heat insulation, sound resistance, great security, perfect quality and elegant looks in a variety of combinations and arrangements.
  • Home Improvement
    Replacing 20 windows of dated style and design, this Melbourne house received a face-lift with new Tilt and Turn uPVC windows. These modern windows have great contemporary looks, provide high-performance and excellent weather resistance during all seasons, and they are extremely easy to clean. All achieved by Art Windows in just 2.5 days!

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  • uPVC Doors
    Traditional PVC French doors, beautiful Bi-fold doors or the versatile Tilt and Slide doors, Art Windows manufactures the perfect solution for your needs. Packed with the goodness of the new uPVC material.

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  • Exterior View of uPVC Windows
    Give your house a modern and elegant look with uPVC windows and doors. Brighten up your living area and improve the view of your garden, terrace or simply the atmosphere outside.

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  • uPVC Window Benefits
    Wondering what is uPVC and how is it better than PVC or traditional aluminium frames? Read on here:

uPVC Sliding Windows

PVC Windows

An unparalleled material with outstanding properties and energy savings; 100% maintenance free.


Tilt and Slide Windows

Double Glazing

Double/triple glass panels for reduced heat and sound transfer.

French Doors

French Doors

Multi-point locking hardware for great security. Perfect for balconies in master bedrooms.


Bi-Fold Door

Bi-Fold Doors

Available in many combinations, perfect for parties.

We were very impressed with your professional approach

The quality of the windows is one of the best on the Australian market and your craftsmanship and attention to detail is impressive

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Beautiful design and innovative technology

U-PVC windows with exterior aluminium clips offer you almost unlimited colour variations and outstanding heat insulation values compared with conventional aluminium windows – innovative window technology at its best.

Aluskin Classic | advantages for you

  • Powder coated, painted or anodised finishes
  • The aluminium clip provides even more stability
  • Modern exterior aluminium design
  • Individual colours available from virtually any powder coating colour chart, including dulux and colorbond

For further information, simply download Dulux Standard Color Range.
Safety Yellow Blaze Blue
Signal Red Orange

Lamination Foils

Color your life and choose your favorite of various colors.

Our windows and doors are available in a number of colours and a range of wood finishes.  This can be applied inside and outside if desired, alternatively you can have the inside white and outside a colour of your choice.

The system provider uses a special manufacturing technique to apply the decor lamination foil on the uPVC window profiles. This technique guarantees an even structure, a uniform color as well as maximum weather resistance and it meets the highest requirements regarding climatic influences.

Nut Tree Golden Oak
Mahogany AluminiumBrushed

Sound insulation | for a better quality of life

Noise has an immense impact on our quality of life. The results are sleep loss and continuous stress that can cause permanent damage to our health. uPVC windows are an effective protection from noise and help to create a permanently pleasant atmosphere. Being exposed to permanent or even only to a short-term but intensive noise can lead to a harmful impact on human health. Thus, noise protection is imperative. We can provide you with the best possible protection against unwanted negative noise effects.

Open Window  (heavy traffic) ~ 80 dB
Old Window  (single glazed) ~ 60 dB
Standard Window  (double glazed) ~ 48 dB
uPVC Window  (Ideal 4000) ~ 35 dB
Note: A reduction of 10 dB (decibel) will reduce subjective loudness by up to 50%.  dB (decibel) is commonly used in acoustics to quantify sound levels perceived by the human ear.

IDEAL 4000® | advantages for you

Aluplast window system provides the best heat insulation characteristics at all times for a comfortable room atmosphere.

  • 70 mm depth
  • heat insulation characteristics for the standard combination Uf-value = 1.3W/m²K
  • glazing thickness up to 43 mm
  • sound insulation up to 46 dB (up to sound insulation class IV)
  • double design variety in the sash (surface offset | half-surface offset)
  • different profile shapes for an individual design
  • design glazing bead for the interior
  • covered, non-visible drainage possible
  • 5 chamber system as standard combination
  • continuous groove seal system in the frame and sash
  • use of the relevant security window hardware guarantees outstanding protection against break-in
IDEAL 4000

Energy efficiency | living comfort and environmental protection

Innovative high-quality uPVC windows cut energy losses to a minimum. With uPVC windows you can contribute to the conservation of the increasingly scarce resources and to the reduction of pollutant emissions. Combine environmental protection and living comfort by insulating with uPVC windows.

U-Value (Uw)

U-value glazing (Ug) * Area glazing (Ag) + U-value frame (Uf) * Area frame (Af) + Psi-value (Ψ) * length of the edge bond (l) / Area glazing (Ag) + Area frame (Af)

The U-value determines the heat transfer coefficient of the material. The w in this term stands for the entire window. The calculation of this is based on the U-values and the sizes of each single material of all components. This means the glass, the frame material as well as the psi-value, which describes the heat flow generated through the insulated glass edge with the distance piece.

Please note: The lower the U-value, the better!

100% Maintenance Free

Traditional building materials for windows and doors such as wood, requires constant painting and surface treatment. Wood will change shape over the years and requires re-adjustment of the window. Aluminium will oxidize over the years, at seaside areas usually within a year.

Other than cleaning and lubricating hardware (handles, hinges and any moving parts) 2 times per year, our uPVC profiles do not require any maintenance over the full service life, you will never need to sand and paint your windows again.  

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