Open up your home with Bi-Fold Doors

Beautiful Bi Fold doors bringing the outside in, with style and security.

uPVC Bi-fold doors

Bi-Fold Doors

At a glance:

  • Beautiful, modern designs - to suit any home, garden and patio.
  • Reliably secure - with multi-lock systems to keep your home safe.
  • Highly flexible - with multiple opening options you can let your imagination run wild!

Imagine a wide, open space and the feeling of air and light flowing into your home, as you enjoy your interior surroundings. Our panoramic uPVC doors are the ultimate choice when you want full and clear access to your garden, patio or terrace.

With their slim frames and exquisite look, our uPVC bi-fold doors bring you the space, comfort and low-maintenance luxury of modern living. Plus, they are available in a range of colours and configurations, so you can turn your outside space into a stunning centrepiece.

Bi-fold doors form an increasingly popular alternative to the more traditional sliding patio doors and French doors. They offer so much more! They improve open plan living and bring a contemporary feel to just about any home.

uPVC Bi fold doorsWe are a renowned manufacturer and retailer of uPVC Bi-folding doors in Melbourne and across Victoria. We specialise in superior quality door installations and take great pride in our products, service and dedication to delivering the most satisfying customer experience.

At Art Windows, we have a beautiful selection of uPVC bi folding doors available, all made from the finest materials to serve you trouble-free for many years to come. We are able to make our bi folding sliding doors in any combination ranging from 3 pane right up to 8 pane. Our bi-folding doors can really fill a big space and let in a lot of light – maximum opening width for a 7 pane uPVC bi-fold door is up to 5950mm!

So why not buy something truly unique to transform your home into an enchanting living space with our bi-fold doors! We custom build doors and window systems to your exact requirements and also offer a professional fitting service!

6 pane bi fold door

Many sizing options for uPVC bi-fold doorsSizing options and limitations

For a given width, you can choose the number of panes to install in your bi-fold door. More panes means higher price, since splitting the door affects the cost of installation and materials. However, having more panes gives you the advantage of saving more space! This is because the door will fold into smaller pieces, giving you a wider opening for a better experience.

Folding mechanism

Our high quality bi-fold doors are fixed at the top and bottom and sit on sliders. The top and bottom sliding mechanism guides the door smoothly from one side to the other. As the door closes the panes slide and fold at the same time, returning to the flat position when shut.

Locking mechanism

We install only the highest quality locks on our bi-fold doors. With a multi-locking system installed on multiple points along the bottom, top and both the sides, the doors are as secure as possible.

Energy efficient bi-fold upvc doorsEnergy Efficiency

All our doors and windows use double-glazed insulated glass for maximum thermal insulation and have a certified 5 star energy rating by the Window Energy Rating Scheme. It helps keep the home protected from outside weather and reduce energy bills. This design also achieves effective sound insulation, leading to comfortable living and an improved quality of life.

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